Design thinking – Body Storming

This was in lesson where we learnt about body storming. Before this I didn’t know what body storming was, to be very honest it isn’t something I would use I’m more inclined to use regular old brain storming. It may be because I’m old fashioned but I wasn’t a fan of this method because it required too much movement. In the same lesson we did a little experiment at uni. We got into groups and we tried to see how difficult it would be to have a person in a wheel chair traverse around the university corridors, to do this we had someone sit in a chair with wheels and they tried to go downstairs in order to see how difficult it would be for someone to move through the uni, and how long it would take them to go all the way downstairs and get a coffee and then come back up. After this experiment we went back up and worked out what was wrong and how we can fix those issues to make it easier for people who use wheelchairs to move around. During the experiment we found that the first issue was opening doors, even opening the door in the class room was a challenge for the wheelchair user. The next issue we spotted was the dips in the floor which made it hard for the wheelchair user to move freely and both times going over the user became stuff and required a little nudge to move. The lifts were also very small and wasn’t big enough to get us and the wheel chair user in.
Well that’s all we found,

Peace out y’all, M.


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