Design Thinking – Bright Ideas, is our idea good enough ?

Alright now that our idea has been finalised… The Cosy-book. We now have to submit this idea in the bright ideas competition. This competition is compulsory for the course however it is also a good chance for us to potentially start a real business outside uni. We submitted our cosy-book idea which is a compact book like seat which is sleek, small and easy to carry. Yup just hit you guys with a pitch for my product. The market we are going for is mainly travellers and business people (not the most eloquent way of putting It but I’m tired so roll with it) the use this would have for travellers would be that it would keep them warm during long journeys and the use it would have for business people would be that it would keep them warm along with keeping them dry. Still working out the kinks in the idea but this is what we are going with for now as a base then we shall sort the little issues out with it during the course of making prototypes.

That’s today’s post.
Peace out, M.


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