Design thinking – Dragons Den, its game time.

Okay, it was game day today. We had our dragons den, not gonna lie we were slightly feeling the heat because we were going close to last. And we saw and heard the feedback the judges gave to the group’s tat went before us. Some of the judges were kind of harsh to the groups that went before us. Then it came to our turn, we had a script we had a plan and we were ready. Then we went up there… and completely smashed it! We had fun and it was a good learning experience as we got some very good reviews. We were ready for the questions, mainly because we heard the questions the group’s before us were getting so we started planning answers for the potential questions. But when it came to question time, we had the most basic questions. I was honestly disappointed, I was hoping for harder questions to make to more interesting. Plus it would be good preparation for the final dragons den in 2019. I was happy when we got through it because it was a good learning experience and the reviews we got were mainly my positive. Now we fix our product a bit more as we still need to work on the backing material for it as getting the wood we were hoping for because harder to procure. Now we are looking at sustainable plastic.
Still working on the product design. But we are prepared.
That’s all folks.
Peace out, M.


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