Design thinking – Ideas, Ideas, Ideas…

Okay, for out business I came up with a few ideas. Not sure if any of them will be used as they are all very technical and require a decent level of manufacturing. But I was willing to out in the work.
My first idea was a small compact seat that deploys when you throw it. This idea was shot down very fast ad we were aware that their would be many issues working on the kinks with this idea. This was the only idea I didn’t have a proper design for however I was really hoping we went for it and our combined efforts we Would be able to make it.
My second idea was to create a infrared device that would help turn devices on and off without the use of switches, however this idea even I knew was irrational as I didn’t have the knowledge to create a all round device that can control all devices and the ideas I came up with were way too expensive to have worked in the long run.
My next idea was a AI device like a Google assistant, but we Would program it specifically for the user, this was something I could create however time to create the initial program would be too long and would pass 4he deadline date for the ideas.
That’s all the ideas I had, all were shot down. Let’s see what our final idea is.
Peace out y’all, M.


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