Design Thinking – The Birth of Promazers, Yes its a silly name wait till you hear the story behind it…

Okay this is it we have chosen a team name. The name we all have chosen is Promazers. And yes I get it sounds stupid, the story behind it is hilarious though. So buckle up for a good one.
One of our team mates (Kaushika) was thinking about names for the business and she suggested Promazers. Im a very laid back person so I thought if everyone likes it we Would go for it as I wasn’t very concerned about the name, my main goal was to pick a product that I like and can get behind. However later when we submitted the name I asked what the name means and how she came up with it. This is where it gets interesting, Kaushika really likes the film Made Runners, and because she thinks we are all Professionals she took the Pro from Professionals and the maze from maze runners and came up with Promazers… yes that was the thought process behind the name.
Yup yup that’s it for this one, wasn’t a long one but that’s the story.
Peace out y’all, M.


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