Design thinking – The Creation of Cosy-Book

We have finally come up with a product, one that is actually viable atleast. We recently had a lesson with Niomi, who is a IP consultant. It was a very good and informative lesson. During the lesson we told her our product ideas and the thought we have put behind the IP rules and regulations behind it, such as whether the idea is already out there and whether the name we picked is already copyrighted. We thought our idea at the time was fool proof, but when we told her our initial idea she tore it apart. But something good came out of this experience, she did give us a very good idea for us to roll with. That is where the idea of Cosy-book first came into fruition.
The Cosy-book is a compact seat which can be used to protect people from sitting on cold seats while travelling. We did quite a bit of primary research on which we found out that there was a need for this product. We have now started designing this idea further. Luckily for us we have a model maker on board so this is going well.
That’s all folks,
Peace out, M.


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