Design Thinking – Trip to Design Museum

I was looking forward to going to the design museum, the convention of designer,maker, user sounded very interesting. The trip was very educational, although I don’t think I learnt the lesson that was intended to be taught I still got a chance to see some new technology that I didn’t even know about. I saw fake nails that had an NFC chip in it that allowed the user to tap in and out of any TFL transport. I also saw the new design for the tubes which looked very sleek. I decided to go through the convention the wrong way round because I caught a glimpse of the old tech they had at the end and k really wanted to see it. This trip also gave me a chance to gauge everyone’s interest in tech, just in case I wanted to swap teams this would be the only chance I had. During the trip I had the chance to talk more to Claire and her knowledge of tech made me feel more comfortable about working with her. I also found out that she was a model maker which again re-assured me that I made the right choice in the team selection.

I has a very good conversation with Shad about virtual technology, we spoke about the advancements in VR technology. The conversation steered into a discussion about augmented reality and the uses of it in the creative industries.
Well that’s all I can remember about the trip,
Peace out, M.


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